4×4 for Sale

A Solid 4x4 for Sale at A Great Price

South Africans love their bakkies and they always have. The immense popularity of these vehicles is thanks to their utility value of being able to cart around both cargo and people. This combination of car and commercial vehicle makes for a versatile and functional do-it-all that is ideal for hauling loads and dealing with rough terrain where normal cars cannot go. Seeing a 4x4 bakkie caked in mud and dust means that its owner makes the most out of the versatility their vehicle offers.

Most 4x4 vehicles that are for sale in South Africa are not purely utilitarian but offer some luxury and creature comforts too. This need for comfort and luxury in the cabin came about when people realised their 4x4s can work equally well as a workhorse and a leisure vehicle. Some people just want these rugged 4x4 vehicles because of their sheer size and aggressive stance, but others actually need these bakkies’ off-road ability as well. It is a bonus that these vehicles can be used as daily drivers in the city as well. JMC SA offers a selection of 4x4 vehicles for sale at affordable prices. Today, we will focus on our Vigus range.

The Vigus 4x4 Bakkie

With its 4x4 drivetrain, the luxury Vigus model is a bakkie that can comfortably travel over almost any terrain. With a 225-mm minimum ground clearance, this bakkie has more than enough talent to take on bumpy gravel roads and difficult trails while carrying a load on the back. A 68-ℓ fuel tank ensures a good range as well. Under the bonnet, we find a 2,4-ℓ engine that powers all four wheels through a selectable 4-wheel-drive system to get to where you need to be. The Vigus checks all the boxes that a 4x4 bakkie for sale in this class should.

With a simple and rugged design focused on affordable luxury and comfort, the Vigus gives you a lot of 4x4 of your money. In comparison to other brands, the Vigus models’ prices are extremely competitive. This makes the Vigus superb value, considering how much you get for the price. Basic cabin luxuries include power steering, power windows, and air conditioning in the 4x4 luxury model.

JMC SA offers a sensible selection of affordable bakkies and other commercial and industrial vehicles for sale on the South African market. Whether you want a workhorse Boarding 4x2 bakkie or a luxury Vigus 4x4 that is at home on the farm and in the city, we have for sale just what you need. Choose JMC SA today and take advantage of our high-value vehicles for your business or personal transportation needs.

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