Affordable Trucks for Commercial Use

Affordable Trucks for Commercial Use from JMC SA

JMC SA offers an expansive range of affordable trucks for commercial use to South African businesses and private buyers.

Of course, for the more discerning buyer, we have upmarket, stylish, and luxurious double-cab-only options in the shape of the Vigus and the striking, brand-new Vigus 5, but for buyers looking for workhorse toughness and uncompromising, hardworking utility value, we have a whole selection of affordable trucks designed for commercial use. Let’s have a look at them:



The JMC Boarding is an affordable single-cab bakkie that is made to work hard. It is only offered in a 4×2 single-cab configuration and is rated to carry a payload of 990 kg – virtually a full metric tonne. The emphasis is firmly on economy and reliability with its understressed 2,8-ℓ turbocharged diesel engine delivering a useful 88 kW and 245 N.m. However, your comfort is still catered for and if you opt for the LX model, you benefit from leatherette upholstery and air-conditioning.



The JMC Carrying is a range of affordable trucks for medium-duty commercial use. It is offered in both SWB and LWB derivatives, the former with a payload capacity of 1,6 t and the latter, 2,8 t. The SWB is sold in three versions, namely an open truck with a flatbed and dropsides, a closed van, and a tipper. The LWB is also available with an open flatbed with dropsides, but you have a choice of singe-cab and double-cab derivatives; the third option is once again a van. All the Carrying models are powered by a direct-injection 2,8-ℓ turbocharged diesel engine with 84 kW and 235 N.m. Last but not least is the super-sized Carrying Plus flatbed that is rated for a 4-t load. The Carrying is sold in a standard and Lux versions, the latter ensuring excellent long-haul comfort thanks to air-conditioning; this version also has electric windows.


Unbeatable Value and Peace of Mind

Of course, there are rivals that offer all of these, but not with JMC’s superb value for money and peace of mind. That peace of mind comes from knowing that, although they are affordable, the trucks that we sell for commercial use are tough enough to go the distance. That is why we are confident to offer the Boarding with a 3-year/100 000-km warranty and roadside assistance. The Carrying has a 5-year/120 000-km guarantee (with free top-up), a 3-year/90 000-km service plan, and four years’ worth of roadside assistance. Visit a showroom and come have a look at our family of affordable trucks for leisure and commercial use.

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