Author: Tony Hendricks

Bakkies for Sale

Tough Bakkies for Sale from JMC

South Africa is in love with bakkies, with a large community of pick-up truck owners to prove it. As a result, you are bound to find a plethora of bakkies for sale from local dealerships, whether they are brand-new or pre-owned. One of the most important reasons for this specific vehicle type’s popularity is a direct result of its functionality. It is a vehicle that can easily haul large loads, making it a viable proposition for people working in the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors where vehicles with hauling capabilities will always bring an added benefit to the work environment.

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JMC Bakkies for Sale

Pick-ups are some of the most popular vehicle types in South Africa, with a healthy pick-up culture that embraces the functionality and versatility of this type of vehicle to such an extent that we gave them a local nickname – “bakkie”. Various brands of bakkies are available for purchase in South Africa, and with the rich bakkie culture, people buy bakkies for daily use in suburban areas as well, not just for use off the beaten track.

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High-Value 4x4s For Sale from JMC SA

South Africa offers challenging off-road conditions for 4x4 enthusiasts to test their mettle, not to mention the various gravel roads to deal with when heading out to remote destinations. As a result, the 4x4 culture is alive and well in South Africa, seen in the popularity of vehicle types such as 4x4 bakkies and SUVs. Nowadays, these vehicles offer excellent comfort and luxury, but are also perfect for off-road conditions, making them versatile and viable options for people living beyond the city limits and need to deal with gravel roads on a daily basis.

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We Sell 4x4s

South Africans love big vehicles with off-road capabilities. The love for this class of vehicle comes from the abundance of gravel roads that can be found almost anywhere in the country, whether is it an old farm track or a dirt road in a nature reserve. We also love the Bushveld, which offers a playground for many types of 4x4 vehicles.

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