Author: Tony Hendricks

Looking for Affordable Commercial Vehicles? JMCSA Can Help


If you are in the market for commercial vehicles the likelihood is you have a list of the regular manufacturers with a foothold in South Africa. Many of these makes, and most are household names, are long established and produce impressive vehicles, but do they offer the best value for money? We would like to invite you to check out the range from JMC, and we believe you will be impressed by the quality and prices of this varied collection of well-made, reliable and affordable vehicles.

So, who are we? We are JMCSA, agents for the JMC motor company, one of the leading manufacturers in the Chinese automotive market. China is regarded as the fastest growing country in the world at the moment in terms of the automotive market, and JMC is well-established as one of the best of all in the commercial sector. With a choice of bodies, engines and styles, each at great prices and with many fine attributes, you would do well to check out our vehicles before making a decision on your one off purchase or fleet vehicles, as we believe we can offer you an excellent deal.

In addition to the dealership we also run a full maintenance and servicing network so our customers get the detailed and prompt attention they need should any problems arise, and with many satisfied companies having already chosen JMCSA over more established brands we are confident our market share will grow greatly as people come to realise the quality and capability of Chinese designed vehicles. Have a look at the range on our website now, or get in touch with us and one of our team will be more than happy to talk you through the available options and help you find the right deal for you.


Why You Need to Check out the JMC Range

Are you in the market for a cargo vehicle? Or perhaps you fancy a new bakkies or SUV? If so, you need to have a close look at one of the freshest brands on the South Africa automobile market, JMC. One of the leading names in the Chinese motor manufacturing industry – which is regarded as the fastest growing in the world right now – JMC has a great range of pick-ups, special purpose vehicles and SUV’s, each of which is built to a high standard using the latest techniques, and surprisingly well priced.

JMC is committed to supplying quality, reliable and rugged vehicles at the best prices in the business, and if you take a look at the full range you may be surprised just how affordable these cars and trucks are. They are built to tackle any terrain and continue the Chinese commitment to ongoing high standards, and there is something among this extensive range for every purpose, whether you are looking for a commercial vehicle or one for personal domestic use. We believe JMC represents a welcome addition to the market, and we are proving very popular already.

The Chinese automobile industry may have come to the table late but we have made great strides in quality and technology in a short time, and JMC has been at the forefront of innovation all the time. This shows in the well-designed and beautifully built vehicles that make up our range, and we are proud of our already impressive reputation. We have a full dealership network and parts and service solutions in place in South Africa so we can serve our clients well, so why not get in touch with us now, or use the online link to a book a test drive in a brand new JMC truck or SUV?

Introducing the JMC Landwind

Are you looking for an SUV that looks great, is beautifully built and offers excellent performance at a sensible price? Look no further than the JMC Landwind, a truly impressive offering from one of the freshest brands on the market. JMC has arrived in South Africa with a fully formed infrastructure and the intention to supply a proven range of cargo vehicles and others, and we are committed to quality and reliability. Powered by a sturdy four-cylinder engine giving enough power for any journey, the JMC Landwind brings Chinese know-how to African shores.

JMC is one of the leading lights in the fast-growing Chinese automobile industry, and we have a comprehensive selection of well-designed and tried and tested vehicles to suit all your needs. The growth of the Chinese motor industry has been major news in the past few years, and JMC is proud to be one of the first to branch out into the export field. We offer a full parts and service solution across South Africa, and we are constantly striving to improve our products in any way we can. We believe you won’t find quality vehicles at these prices elsewhere, so take a closer look, we’re here to help.

JMC has a strong reputation as an innovator in the Chinese motor vehicle industry and we are proud to have won awards and accolades over the past few years for our product range and quality of service. We want to bring this excellent service to the people of South Africa, and we believe the Landwind to be a perfect vehicle for the purpose. For more information on the JMC Landwind and other vehicles in the range take a closer look at the website, or get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to arrange a test drive.

JMC Vigus – Value and Style

The growth of the Chinese automotive industry has been well documented, and may industry commentators expect China to become a leading player in the international market sooner rather than later. China has embraced the technology needed to produce quality vehicles, and many Chinese motor manufacturers have already made moves into the export market. JMC, one of the leading names in the commercial vehicle sector, has created a strong infrastructure including dealerships and parts supply in South Africa, and has a range of vehicles that will appeal to both business and domestic users.

The JMS Vigus is one of the best-selling bakkies in the home market, and at the excellent prices the JMC range is committed to it is making waves in South Africa, too. Well built, rugged and reliable, the Vigus is an attractive and versatile vehicle that can be found in double cab format, and with either two or four-wheel drive. A choice of powerful and proven diesel or petrol engines means you can tackle any journey, and the design offers excellent load capacity. We believe the JMC Vigus is an ideal vehicle for the often tough terrain in South Africa.

Where JMC wins is in offering a full parts and service solution, a necessary implementation that enhances our commitment to serving the South African market. Our range of bakkies, trucks and cross over SUV vehicles is as comprehensive as can be, and we are also committed to ensuring our prices are competitive. As ambassadors for the Chinese motor industry we are always aiming for the very best service, so why not get in touch with us at JMC right now and one of our team will be able to answer your questions or arrange for a test drive in the brilliant JMC Vigus?