Bakkies for Sale

JMC Bakkies for Sale at Great Prices

Bakkies are very popular in South Africa, thanks to a myriad of reasons. These vehicles are both practical and versatile, with cabins designed to feel like those of passenger cars.

With their large loading bays at the rear, a bakkie is a common choice for people working in the industrial sector too. Their suspension and chassis are also designed to handle rough and uneven. Therefore, a bakkie is ideal for industrial and commercial loading and transportation.

However, the bakkies for sale nowadays offer models that provide a lot of comfort too, and are not just made for hard work. People love the idea of a vehicle that can haul a big load and can still be used as a comfortable daily driver as well. Luckily, JMC SA offers a choice when it comes to the line-up of bakkies that we have for sale. Our 4×2 Boarding bakkie is perfect as a workhorse, while our Vigus offers more comfort and style, yet is as practical as only a bakkie can be. Today, we will turn our focus to the Vigus and how this is one of the best bakkies for sale in terms of comfort, appointments, and value for money.

The Vigus is available in a variety of models and configurations, starting with the choice between a petrol and diesel engine. Both engines displace 2,4 litres, with the petrol version being normally aspirated and the diesel turbocharged. Power steering, air-conditioning, and electric windows are standard on the Vigus. There are seven Vigus bakkies for sale: diesel-powered 4×2 and 4×4 models (both in LX or SLX specification) and petrol-powered 4×2 models (LX or SLX), and a petrol-powered 4×4 LX.

With the dual-range 4×4 drivetrain setup, all four wheels are driven to give more control on off-road and slippery terrain. If you don’t need the off-road ability, a 4×2 is better as a daily driver that can still negotiate gravel roads. Each has its own advantages, with the 4×4 offering off-road ability and the 4×2 being more economical and lighter. The Vigus boasts a 68-ℓ fuel tank to optimise the vehicle’s range. As you can see, the sheer choice of Vigus models makes it an excellent choice and with JMC’s eminently reasonable prices, these are some of the best-value bakkies for sale in South Africa.

JMC SA offers a selection of commercial vehicles (JMC LWB) and bakkies (JMC Vigus and Boarding) for sale at affordable prices. For more information, please contact us with any questions. You can also peruse the website for specifications and official brochures on our available vehicles.

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