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Tough Bakkies for Sale from JMC

South Africa is in love with bakkies, with a large community of pick-up truck owners to prove it. As a result, you are bound to find a plethora of bakkies for sale from local dealerships, whether they are brand-new or pre-owned. One of the most important reasons for this specific vehicle type’s popularity is a direct result of its functionality. It is a vehicle that can easily haul large loads, making it a viable proposition for people working in the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors where vehicles with hauling capabilities will always bring an added benefit to the work environment.

Should you be in the market and looking at all the bakkies for sale in South Africa, JMC SA offers its own model, with a variety of options and extras to choose from. This pick-up is called the Vigus and can be just the vehicle you need as a daily driver to not only look smart, but also haul large loads in the back with ease. Today, we will cover the basics of the Vigus. There are also various options and extras available when you decide to buy a Vigus, giving you the power to optimise your driving experience and get the bakkie that will work best for you.

Starting with the basics of the vehicle, the Vigus is offered in a single- and double-cab layout, which is par for the course with most brand-new bakkies for sale nowadays. The double-cab Vigus is available with an optional 5-year/60 000-km service plan, while the entire range has a standard 5-year/100 000-km warranty to serve as testament to its durability and reliability. Looking under the bonnet, we find two engine options, with a 2,4-ℓ multi-point fuel-injected petrol engine that produces 95 kW of power and 201 N.m of maximum torque to deliver an overall fuel consumption of 10,2 ℓ/100 km. The diesel version of this bakkie has a 2,4-ℓ turbo-diesel engine that produces 88 kW and a total of 290 N.m of torque, resulting in 9 ℓ/100 km. With a total of seven different models to choose form, the Vigus is a refreshing option in the sea of bakkies for sale out there at the moment.

JMC SA is proud to offer the Vigus with more than enough options to ensure that you can get the ideal vehicle, customised to your work needs. For more information on the entire range of Vigus bakkies we have for sale, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and brochures, or contact us with any further enquiries.

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