Your Ideal Bakkie

South Africa is alive with a healthy bakkie culture, to such an extent that locals have come up with this word for a mini-truck. The culture was born from the farming lifestyle of many South African households and these vehicles are required to travel on gravel roads over long distances, often hauling a load in the process.

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An Affordable and Trustworthy 4×4

Bakkies are very popular in South Africa, especially for those living in the areas surrounding the cities, where gravel roads lead the way home after a busy day at work. Although a selection of modern bakkies and SUVs is available on the market today, they are not always as rugged as their mini-truck counterparts and can lag in terms of hauling capacity for carrying big loads.

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The Affordable Workhorse

Living in South Africa, we are all familiar with our term for a compact pick-up truck – a bakkie. A host of automotive manufacturers around the world have been selling bakkies to markets in countries with booming industrial sectors, including South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Companies such as Holden, the Australian GM division, Chevrolet, and BMW created their own luxury versions of the pick-up truck, with the rear of the vehicle configurable with a canopy and other accessories.

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