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Compact commercial trucks are part of many business fleets. They offer flat loading boxes and only require a regular B/EB driving licence to operate them if their GVM is 3500 kg or less, as is the case for all our SWB Carrying models. This makes them handy for the transportation of any load up to 1,6 t. If you want to buy compact commercial trucks in South Africa, JMC SA’s Carrying SWB Series is built to handle the demanding African environment. It also has a budget-friendly price tag.

The Carrying SWB series offers three models and these are tipper, van-body, and drop-side. This range of commercial trucks has an ample ground clearance of 185 mm and the fuel tank has a capacity of 63 ℓ, which gives a competitive range, considering their excellent fuel economy. A vacuum-assisted hydraulic brake system will ensure that you have more than enough stopping power, even with a load on the back. For in-car entertainment, all the SWB Carrying commercial trucks in our range have CD players. The Lux model also includes air-conditioning.

Looking at their performance, we find a 2,8-ℓ turbo-diesel engine. This engine produces 84 kW and 235 N⋅m of torque. It has a rated fuel economy of 8 ℓ/100 km. This gives this commercial truck an impressive range of over 700 km on a single tank. Power steering is standard on all the Carrying commercial truck models in the range, with the Lux model also featuring power windows. The Carrying SWB series is a perfect option if you are looking to buy a top-value compact commercial truck in South Africa.

When you buy a commercial truck, it is always important to look at other factors, such as the service plan and warranty. Any commercial vehicle is bound to be worked hard, so it needs proper care and maintenance. Therefore, it is paramount to have a warranty and proper service plan in place. The Carrying SWB series comes with a free top-up warranty and a 3-year/90 000-km service plan. This should give you the peace of mind that these machines will last the distance and handle the pressure for all your commercial applications.

JMC SA offers a wide selection of vehicles for sale in South Africa. If you want to buy Carrying SWB or LWB commercial trucks for your business, or a Vigus or Boarding bakkie as your daily driver, we have you covered. Please peruse our website for detailed specifications on these vehicles. Choose JMC SA today and take advantage of our affordable vehicle solutions for your business.

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