Check Out the Exciting JMC Range


JMC may not be a brand that you recognise immediately, but rest assured that you will become very much familiar with it in the next few years. JMC is a Chinese manufacturer of commercial and other vehicles, and is firmly established as one of the leading names in the fast-growing Chinese market. As the agents for the brand in South Africa. JMCSA is proud to present a range of vehicles that offers a combination of excellent build quality, reliability and value for money, and we are fully confident that this fine manufacturer will make a strong impact in the country.

China is fast emerging as a leading player in the manufacture of vehicles and in just a few years many of its makers have moved into the export market. JMC was one of the first and, as such, is well placed to take advantage of the increasing demand for quality, affordable vehicles in South Africa. We can show you a range that is as versatile as any and that will not cost you the earth to maintain – we have a full dealership and servicing network already established – and at JMCSA the emphasis is on quality of service.

Why should you buy JMC over the more established brands? We could show you many reasons, but we invite you to come and see us and check out the product for yourself. Many satisfied customers have already taken advantage of the great prices we offer, and when it comes to fleet buying you can save a great deal of money by opting to go for JMC products. Check out the full range on the website, or get in touch with us now and one of our team will happily answer all your questions and arrange for you to take a test drive.

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