Commercial Vehicles for Sale

The Selection of Commercial Vehicles We Offer for Sale

Commercial vehicles are used by businesses to transport goods. These vehicles vary in size and are usually a lot larger and higher off the ground than cars – and with a load box at the back.

South Africans love their bakkies, which are also commercial vehicles at heart. As a business, you need a fleet of these vehicles to take care of daily transporting tasks. At JMC SA, we offer a varied selection of these vehicles for sale at excellent prices.

Take JMC’s Carrying LWB series. It is a light truck with a load capacity of 2,8 t – ideal for light- to medium-duty use and able to shoulder large loads with ease. The 2,8-ℓ turbocharged diesel engine has the power and torque to easily haul a maximum-capacity load to its destination. The single cabin has enough room for two people; however, a double-cabin configuration is also available. The vehicle has power steering for easy manoeuvring, with an ample 83-ℓ fuel tank to ensure a good cruising range. The Carrying LWB is a sensible commercial vehicle for any business and is offered for sale at a surprisingly competitive price.

If you need a commercial vehicle that can tip its load for faster unloading, our Carrying SWB series is just the ticket. This tipper can handle a maximum load of 1,6 t, which makes it ideal for light-duty applications. Only a standard passenger car driving license is required to drive this vehicle, eliminating the need to obtain a truck license. The fuel tank has a capacity of 63 ℓ to ensure a good range. Its diesel engine also delivers good fuel consumption to make it a cost-effective solution for your business.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best, so we offer our 4×2 Boarding bakkie for sale to those who only need a sturdy, compact, workhorse bakkie for their business. The 4×2 Boarding features a single-cab cabin with room for two and a 2,8-ℓ turbo-diesel engine with a useful 88 kW and 245 N.m. This bakkie is available in a Standard and more luxurious LX version, the latter with air-conditioning. The loading tray can handle a maximum of 990 kg, which is perfect for light-duty applications. The fuel tank takes 53 ℓ of diesel.

JMC SA offers a sensible collection of commercial vehicles for sale to businesses in need of commercial-vehicle fleet solutions. For more information on these vehicles, please browse our website for detailed specifications, prices, and images. Choose JMC SA today and let us boost your business with our affordable commercial vehicles.

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