JMC Bakkies for Sale

Pick-ups are some of the most popular vehicle types in South Africa, with a healthy pick-up culture that embraces the functionality and versatility of this type of vehicle to such an extent that we gave them a local nickname – “bakkie”. Various brands of bakkies are available for purchase in South Africa, and with the rich bakkie culture, people buy bakkies for daily use in suburban areas as well, not just for use off the beaten track.

Should you be looking for an affordable bakkie that has a stylish design without compromising on the functionality or versatility of the vehicle, the range of JMC bakkies we offer for sale features the remarkable Vigus, a pick-up truck that features everything you need to not only enjoy the ride, but also use it as a proper workhorse within a daily work routine. Today, we will focus on the details of the Vigus and how it can be an ideal choice from the range of JMC bakkies we have for sale.


The Stylish Vigus

Usually, pick-up trucks are quite large due to their intended function to haul a load, as opposed to picking up the kids from school every afternoon. Although this might be the case, the styling of the vehicle does not have to be compromised, with the Vigus serving as a prime example of how a pick-up truck can offer both functionality and style. Starting with the basics, the Vigus comes with a 5-year / 60 000 km service plan and a 5-year / 100 000 km warranty, giving you the peace of mind that this mini-truck is durable and will last for years and thousands of kilometres.

The Vigus is an ideal choice amongst the JMC bakkies available for sale, and it is offered in petrol and diesel models, with single- and double-cab configurations, and a choice between standard and luxury 4×2 and 4×4 models. A 2,4-litre turbo-diesel engine powers the diesel Vigus models, producing 88 kW and 290 N.m of torque to enjoy when putting your foot down, while a 2,4-litre MPi petrol engine powers the petrol models and produces 95 kW, with a maximum torque output of 201 N.m. Power steering and air-conditioning add to the luxury of the Vigus, while alloy wheels and electric windows complete the package for this stylish JMC bakkie. There is also an SLX model for sale, and it features leather seats for that extra touch of class and luxury.

For more information on the range of JMC bakkies we offer for sale in South Africa, please peruse our website for detailed specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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