JMC Brings Chinese Technology to South Africa

As one of the fastest growing players in the automotive industry it is little surprise that Jiangling Motors Co Ltd (JMC) is making great strides into overseas markets. The company has opted to establish a long-term core business in South Africa, a market where the JMC range of commercial vehicles and 4x4’s will find a strong customer base. Rugged, well-built and designed to perform, JMC vehicles are all of a high quality yet remain competitively priced, and the infrastructure that is already in place across the country means a full parts and service solution is ready to hand.

Why choose JMC over more established brands? JMC uses the latest in automotive engineering technology to ensure its range of bakkies, 4x4’s a cargo carriers provide the best in fuel economy and efficiency, as well as reliable performance and impressive capacity, and at the advertised prices they represent an affordable and sensible alternative to locally made or other imported brands. With a strong reputation in China as one of the leading names in the automotive world, you can rely on JMC to deliver the goods as they already have to many satisfied clients.

JMC is fully committed to becoming established as a major brand in South Africa, and believes that its core product range of commercial vehicles to be attractive to both business and domestic users across the country. We are confident that once you take a closer look at the range on offer you will be convinced that JMC can provide the vehicle solutions you require, so why not get in touch with us right now and one of our friendly and professional team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and help you find the right vehicle for your needs.

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