JMC Takes the SUV Market by Storm


In recent years the SUV has become a staple model for most motor manufacturers, and competition in this market sector is among the most competitive of all. That’s why we are excited by the introduction of the JMC Landwind, a stylish and very impressive quality SUV that comes at a great price. JMC may not be a name you are overly familiar with; JMC is one of the leading names in the Chinese automotive market, with a strong footing in commercial vehicles, and is one of the first to take on the export market in South Africa.

The Landwind is typical of the brand in that it offers a combination of traditional looks – inspired by the SUV designs from the European and Japanese manufacturers – great quality and excellent value for money, and we are confident it will find many buyers across South Africa. With capable performance and many fine attributes, this excellent vehicle is one that we believe will help put JMC firmly on the map in the fats-growing South African market, and with great reviews all-round, it has already made an impact in the press and with customers.

JMC is a strong company that is well-established back home, and industry commentators will tell you that, as well as many other Chinese auto manufacturers, it will undoubtedly become a household name in a very short time. We are proud to be the distributor and importer for this country, and have an established sales, spare parts and maintenance network already. If the Landwind or any other model in the JMC range interests you then feel free to get in touch; we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the JMC range, or to arrange an appointment to view the vehicle and take a test drive.


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