JMC Vigus – Value and Style

The growth of the Chinese automotive industry has been well documented, and may industry commentators expect China to become a leading player in the international market sooner rather than later. China has embraced the technology needed to produce quality vehicles, and many Chinese motor manufacturers have already made moves into the export market. JMC, one of the leading names in the commercial vehicle sector, has created a strong infrastructure including dealerships and parts supply in South Africa, and has a range of vehicles that will appeal to both business and domestic users.

The JMS Vigus is one of the best-selling bakkies in the home market, and at the excellent prices the JMC range is committed to it is making waves in South Africa, too. Well built, rugged and reliable, the Vigus is an attractive and versatile vehicle that can be found in double cab format, and with either two or four-wheel drive. A choice of powerful and proven diesel or petrol engines means you can tackle any journey, and the design offers excellent load capacity. We believe the JMC Vigus is an ideal vehicle for the often tough terrain in South Africa.

Where JMC wins is in offering a full parts and service solution, a necessary implementation that enhances our commitment to serving the South African market. Our range of bakkies, trucks and cross over SUV vehicles is as comprehensive as can be, and we are also committed to ensuring our prices are competitive. As ambassadors for the Chinese motor industry we are always aiming for the very best service, so why not get in touch with us at JMC right now and one of our team will be able to answer your questions or arrange for a test drive in the brilliant JMC Vigus?

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