To ensure our clients are at ease, JMC offers a manufacturer’s warranty, as well as standard and optional service plans across the JMC Range.


Jaingling Motors South Africa (Pty) Ltd. warrants new JMC vehicles against defects, defective materials and workmanship during operational use and service, and accepts the costs of such repairs if required.

Jaingling Motors South Africa (Pty) Ltd. accepts liability only for the repair or replacement of parts that are defective.

The JMC Carrying Series Vehicles come standard with a 5 year/ 150 000km Manufacturer Warranty where as the JMC Boarding Series Vehicles come with a 3 year/100 000km Manufacturer Warranty. JMC Vigus also comes with a 5 year/100 000km Manufacturer Warranty.

All JMC-approved parts purchased over the counter will carry a 1 year/ 20 000km warranty, whichever occurs first – if the part is fitted by an approved JMC Dealer. (This excludes parts that are still under warranty, which is covered under those conditions)

Carrying Models – Free Top-up/Warranty included.

For more information on JMC’s warranties and terms and conditions that apply contact your nearest JMC Dealer also when purchasing a vehicle from our JMC range it is crucial that you carefully study your Warranty and Service Manual.