The Affordable Workhorse

Living in South Africa, we are all familiar with our term for a compact pick-up truck – a bakkie. A host of automotive manufacturers around the world have been selling bakkies to markets in countries with booming industrial sectors, including South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Companies such as Holden, the Australian GM division, Chevrolet, and BMW created their own luxury versions of the pick-up truck, with the rear of the vehicle configurable with a canopy and other accessories.

In South Africa, car culture has always been unique and discerning, but everyone fell in love with the concept of bakkies that can be used on the farm for loading, towing, and transportation, while providing a road legal vehicle for general use. Although the bakkie is at heart intended for industrial use, many South Africans drive one as a daily driver as opposed to using it as the proper workhorse it is intended to be. No matter the reason behind your love for bakkies, JMC offers a viable and exceptionally affordable option for sale in South Africa.


The 4x2 Boarding Bakkie

At JMC South Africa, we understand the bakkie culture in this country and offer affordable prices for people interested in owning their own minipack-up truck. Our 4x2 Boarding model is for sale at extremely competitive prices, undercutting the prices of most familiar mainstream alternatives. The JMC bakkies we have for sale are available with a Euro II specification standard and luxury model, as well as a Euro IV standard and luxury model, with or without ABS. Starting with the Euro II, we offer a 2,8-ℓ turbo-diesel bakkie producing 84 kW and 235 N.m of torque.

Standard model features include power steering and electric windows, as well as a USB and auxiliary port and SD card slot for your music. The Euro IV model delivers an increase in power, with 88 kW and 245 N.m of torque at your disposal. The Euro IV is available with leather seats as well, granting some luxury to be enjoyed while on the road. Whichever of the JMC bakkies for sale you prefer, they have been designed with space and comfort in mind, as well as efficiency and reliability.

JMC South Africa offers a wide selection of mid- to heavy-duty vehicles for sale. For more information about our selection of vehicles, including images and detailed specifications, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose JMC South Africa today and have the freedom of choice for your next bakkie or SUV purchase.

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