Your Ideal Bakkie

South Africa is alive with a healthy bakkie culture, to such an extent that locals have come up with this word for a mini-truck. The culture was born from the farming lifestyle of many South African households and these vehicles are required to travel on gravel roads over long distances, often hauling a load in the process.

The average bakkie has a ladder-frame chassis and suspension setup to deal with rough road surfaces, which are typical of South Africa, but also provide more than enough room in its loading bay to haul almost anything that can fit in the back. A good bakkie is also spacious inside and offer both single- and double-cab options, the latter offering a rear cabin to transport up to five adults in total. JMC SA offers a bakkie for sale that can provide all these features at an affordable price, and today, we will have a closer look at the specification for this vehicle, giving you the inside scoop to make an informed decision before buying the model of your choice.


The Vigus

Modern pick-up trucks offer a stylish design compared to the square and utilitarian look from a decade ago, giving the modern bakkie a dynamic look and feel and elevating its station from a practical utility vehicle to an everyday driver for many people. The Vigus is a case in point, offering a rounded and distinguished design to make it a viable choice amongst the plethora of bakkies now for sale in South Africa. Starting with the basics, the Vigus is available in petrol or diesel and in a single- or double-cab option, with a 5-year/60 000-km service plan and a 3-year/100 000-km warranty to ensure that your new bakkie is in good hands.

The turbo-diesel version we offer for sale offers a 2,4-ℓ engine, producing 88 kW and 290 N.m of torque, with the petrol version running a 2,4-ℓ MPi petrol engine that produces 95 kW and 201 N.m of torque. These bakkies are practical and versatile on the farm, as well as comfortable daily drivers in the city. As far as versatility goes, the Vigus offers comfort and luxury combined with workhorse toughness and a spacious loading bay to grant a vehicle that is ideal for demanding South Africans.

JMC SA is proud to offer the Vigus as one of our bakkies for sale (there is a Carrying model too) and can be yours at a surprisingly affordable price. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on the Vigus, or contact us directly with any further enquiries.

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