Conditions - JMCSA products include mid- and high-end commercial vehicles and dual passenger/cargo vehicles, offering real value for money, economy, reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. Read more about us ad how in the bakkie range there are six variants in single and double cab and 4×4 versions. In the light truck segment we offer JMC Carrying Light Trucks and JMC Carrying Box Vans in various configurations. The company’s aim is to achieve a penetration of 10% in the diesel bakkie market and 15% in the light truck segment. An exciting range of new models is planned for the future. JMC has featured in China’s Top 100 Listed Companies for five successive years and our bakkies have been rated China’s top diesel pick-up for twelve consecutive years. Through global partnerships, JMC, Changan and Landwind has implemented leading international product technology, manufacturing processes and management concepts, applying highly efficient and transparent operations and high-standards of business management. Knowing you can always access parts is vital when buying a new vehicle. JMC strives to offer our customers a 100% parts supply. JMC, Changan and Landwind are investing in South Africa for the long-term with a growing dealership network and excellent parts and service support. Our parts warehouse in Gauteng is already fully operational and a large national parts centre will come on line soon. View our products and out Conditions. Contact us on Facebook. Conditions. conditions


Roadside Assist

As a discerning client who has purchased a JMC Vehicle, you automatically become a member of JMC Assist. To enjoy the applicable benefits please contact: 010 211 5809 and press 2.

JMC Assist consists of the Roadside Emergency Assist Programme and provides the client with 24 / 7 support. International SOS will arrange for assistance at the roadside scene, where the cause of the problem is one of the following:


    * Note the cost of the service provider will be for members own account

    • A Flat tyre: SOS will arrange to have the spare tyre put onto the vehicle.
    • Flat battery: SOS will arrange to have the member’s vehicle started where possible.
    • Keys locked in vehicle: SOS will dispatch a locksmith to open the vehicle and retrieve the keys, only where the keys have been locked in the vehicle.
  • The Roadside Emergency Assist Program provides the member with the following services 24/7 and pays for them, up to the benefit limit, if the cause of the breakdown is of a more serious nature, and not due to one of the reasons listed above.

  • TOW-IN






EXCLUSIONS: Loss, theft of or damage to keys, locks or gear locks.

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Warranty & Service Plan


To ensure our clients are at ease, JMC, Changan and Landwind offers a manufacturer’s warranty, as well as standard and optional service plans across the JMC, Changan and Landwind Range.

Jiangling Motors South Africa (Pty) Ltd. warrants new JMC, Changan and Landwind vehicles against defects, defective materials and workmanship during operational use and service, and accepts the costs of such repairs if required.

Jiangling Motors South Africa (Pty) Ltd. accepts liability only for the repair or replacement of parts that are defective.

The JMC Carrying Series Vehicles come standard with a 5Y/ 150 000km Manufacturer Warranty & 3Y/90,000km service plan where as the JMC Boarding Series Vehicles come with a 3 year/100 000 km Manufacturer Warranty, JMC D/C Vigus comes with a 5Y/100 000 km Manufacturer Warranty & 5Y/60,000 km service plan

Landwind and Changan come with a 3Y/100,000 km manufacturer warranty, and Landwind also has a 5Y/100,000 km service plan.

All JMC, Changan and Landwind-approved parts purchased over the counter will carry a 1 year/ 20 000 km warranty, whichever occurs first  – if the part is fitted by an approved JMC, Changan and Landwind Dealer. (This excludes parts that are still under warranty, which is covered under those conditions)

For more information on JMC’s, Changan or Landwinds warranties and terms and conditions that apply contact your nearest JMC, Changan or Landwind Dealer also when purchasing a vehicle from our JMC, Changan or Landwind range it is crucial that you carefully study your Warranty and Service Manual.

To Maintain the validity of your JMC, Changan or Landwind Manufacturer Warranty, please ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions below:

  • Service your vehicle at the prescribed intervals.
  • Your JMC, Changan or Landwind Vehicle must be serviced at an approved JMC, Changan or Landwind Dealer, utilising approved original parts only.
  • Keep your service book updated at all times, and within your vehicle at all times.
  • Only JMC approved oils and fluids to be used in engines, gearboxes , final drives, steering systems, cooling systems and brake systems.
  • Maintenance and inspection of all wear and tear items such as brakes, clutches, filters, drive belts, cam belts and lubricants. (Replacement of wear and tear/ service items will be for the insured’s account)